New BMW 5 Series 2018 Specs, Design, Release Date and Price
New BMW 5 Series 2018 Specs, Design, Release Date and Price

New BMW 5 Series 2018 Specs, Design, Release Date and Price

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New BMW 5 Series 2018 Specs, Design, Release Date and Price
New BMW 5 Series 2018 Specs, Design, Release Date and Price

When you have a plan to buy new BMW 5 series 2018, knowing about new BMW 5 series 2018 specs, design, release date and price is recommended. Yes, we have to know about the car that we want to buy, so we will not regret when having it. How about new BMW 5 series 2018? Is it good car for every person? Find the answer below.

New BMW 5 Series 2018 Specification

Specification of a car always becomes consideration before buying a new car. Now, let’s we talk about the specification of new BMW 5 series 2018. Actually, new BMW 5 series 2018 will have similarities with the current version. But, we know that 2018 BMW 5 series is  new car, and it means there are some features or specification will be upgraded. In the other word, new BMW 3 series will have higher technology than the current version.

Talking about specification, it can’t be separated from engine specification. Engine is also consideration when we want to buy a new car. There are some popular types of new BMW 5 series, those are 530i and 540i. In the 530i, the engine is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder. In the 540i, the engine is a 3.0 liter inline-six. The type of engine can be your consideration. You can choose the engine that you like the most.

The new BMW 5 series will have slightly longer wheelbase than the current version, but rear and front lengths remain the same. The chassis will be stiffer and lighter than before. This series will also offer an anti roll system. Four-wheel steering also available and become optional on all-wheel-drive and both rear models. The weight of new BMW 5 series is will be up to 137 lbs less than the current version because the use of high-strength steel, aluminum and magnesium.

New BMW 5 Series 2018 Design

After talking about specification, let’s we talk about interior design of new BMW 5 series. Comes with comfortable seat and cabin, this car can be the choice for every person. There are so many useful additional features available in this car, such as active cruise control, lane keep assist, lane departure, traffic jam assist, and many more. Gesture control is also available, even the gesture control is same with gesture control in BMW 7 series. There is also remote control parking feature that will make you easy to park your car.

New BMW 5 Series 2018 Release Date and Price

After reading some information above, have you interested in buying new BMW 5 series 2018? If so, youmay want to buy it as soon as possible. But, the new BMW 5 series 2018 has not been released, because it may be released in the end of 2017 or the early 2018. You just need to prepare your budget to get new BMW 5 series. You can prepare $52.000-$74.000 to get new BMW 5 series. Finally, I hope some information about new BMW 5 series 2018 above will help you to choose best BMW car for yourself.

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