BMW Series 1 2018 Design, Specification, Release Date, and Price
BMW Series 1 2018 Design, Specification, Release Date, and Price

BMW Series 1 2018 Design, Specification, Release Date, and Price

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BMW Series 1 2018 Design, Specification, Release Date, and Price
BMW Series 1 2018 Design, Specification, Release Date, and Price

BMW Series 1 2018 is a car with a unique platform. This car has a front wheel with a platform called MINI. This platform is used for additional efficiency. This car has not been disclosed by the company. BMW does have a plan to create the latest generation called series 1.


You can definitely see an exclusive photo on the internet but the photo is still unclear. This car has already surpassed the previous car in terms of design. This series is not inferior to other cars. The design is something the company thinks about. This car looks modern with a stunning data device. All systems from this car cannot be seen directly. The system is stored under the skin neatly. This series has been getting good sales in 2004 but the company has planned to redesign from this car. This car is the third generation of a premium hatchback. This is a complete thought of a car. The company has made a radical overhaul that makes all the systems can be hidden under the skin. Rear wheel drive will be released with good performance from the front wheel. Cars with this new series will use a platform called UKL. This platform has a feature called MINI and BMW X1. There are many people who feel confident that the platform has affected this car. The company will benefit by offering the efficiency of the platform. This car is also equipped with a larger wheelbase than the previous series. This car does not have a prop shaft so passengers can sit freely on the back. This car has increased boot capacity. The latest series has a higher performance compared with other series. This series has a body wider than the old series.


Major changes can occur under the skin. This car has been through the process of redesign in all things so you will see a revolutionary car. This car uses a third-generation hatchback with a slimmer design compared to other models. This car is also equipped with a body panel with a softer shape than other series. This car offers LED headlights so you can see the road clearly. The lights look slim and connect with the kidney grille that is in the car. This light will probably look like a 5 series car. This is a prominent change for a new car. The company is proud of the advantages that exist in this car. The platform can reduce the weight of this car so you can drive this car at high speed. This car is suitable for fans of fast and agile car models. This car must dispose of six engines and replace the parts with a four-cylinder turbo engine. This car has adopted the latest version of the engine with 1.5-liter power. The three-cylinder engine will appear in other parts. The four-cylinder engine has a 2.0-liter capacity so this machine can be found in every part. The performance of this car has been proven with the plug-in hybrid from BMW. This is an electric power train used by Mini Cooper. This is a small electric motor that is economical and great power.

Release Date and Price

This car will be shown at the car show at the end of 2019. This car will be disclosed at the end of 2018. You have to pay £ 19,709 for BMW Series 1 2018.

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