2018 VW Golf R: The Technology, Engine, Speed, Price and Release Date
2018 VW Golf R: The Technology, Engine, Speed, Price and Release Date

2018 VW Golf R: The Technology, Engine, Speed, Price and Release Date

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2018 VW Golf R: The Technology, Engine, Speed, Price and Release Date
2018 VW Golf R: The Technology, Engine, Speed, Price and Release Date

If you are a fan of Volkswagen, then you should read this article without skipping it. Today, we will give you information about 2018 VW Golf R including the price and the release date. It is the seventh generation Golf from the Volkswagen car. It gets a little bit updated rear and front fenders and also its tweaked cabin. You can use either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay for the infotainment system in a super slick touch screen. Both of them work perfectly as you expect. It is not slow and laggy and super dependable. And not to mention it is very Golf-ish.

The technology

The instrument cluster in this car is in all digital form. It can give you quick and relevant information. In the Golf R, the technology is very nice. In the US, it gets a new dash too. It is very good looking that enough to make you think that the car is from 2020 instead of today.

The engine

After it indulges you with the technology, now let’s talk about the engine of the car. Golf R comes with 280 pound-feet of torque and 310 horses. When you get a six-speed stick, the car will hit up to 62 mph in almost 5 seconds. Wait until you drive for the seven-speed dual-clutch DSG and the car will hit 4.6 seconds in no time.

Almost the same with other high-powered German cars, the top speed of this Volkswagen car is limited to 155 mph. In fact, almost everyone feels more than enough before they get into the top speed. Many people will actually fall for the Golf R’s acceleration. With 2.0-liter turbocharged of four cylinder and packed with a punch and not to mention wined with the newest DSG box. It makes you no wonder that the performance of the car will always be swift.

The speed

Maybe it is true that the power of this model of Volkswagen is less compare to Audi RS3 or Ford Focus RS. But when you stick the car and change the mode in Race and its steering, dampers, motor and gearbox set the car to a raging beast. Many people may not expect that and will be surprise since it is a pretty rare sight to see Volkswagen being driven in a wild speed.

Another surprise is that all the things with great power are fast. Even though the grip makes is more than powerful enough and turn it into a weapon. Golf R is all-wheel drive. It is quiet same with Audi S3 since you can take corners at speeds that automatically turn the front-wheel-drive into a mess of understeering.

The releasing date and price

It is expected that 2018 VW Golf R will release in the end of 2017 even though there is no official statement about the exact releasing date and the place for the launching. Meanwhile the price is estimated around $45,000 that considers affordable enough for Volkswagen fans out there with great technology and engine inside.

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