2018 Mercedes C Class Price, Release Dates, Specs, and Design
2018 Mercedes C Class Price, Release Dates, Specs, and Design

2018 Mercedes C Class Price, Release Dates, Specs, and Design

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2018 Mercedes C Class Price, Release Dates, Specs, and Design
2018 Mercedes C Class Price, Release Dates, Specs, and Design

2018 Mercedes c class Price

People are waiting for the coming of 2018 Mercedes c class. Its new design and specs are undoubtedly will make a hit on the market with comparable price. All old features renewed and refreshed even though, this brand would leave certain attributes. Most of the updates are in the front.

2018 Mercedes c class Design

The change that will catch the eyes at the first time is the headlights. The new change will leave the line of LEDs in the top, instead it will bring continuous light bar. This new feature will took place along the top border of the housing. New updates also touched the lower grilles. Even it does not quite visible through the disguise; a slight change on the design will be known from those features. The back part also renewed its taillights. In order to give slim white stripe superiority at the bottom of the light, this new design will remove the turn signal lenses and ovular reverse. The modernization is still considering the safe by giving the illumination of LEDs. Along the edges, this brand new design completed by stripes of little reflector or LED.

2018 Mercedes c class Specs

All C-Class family will have updates on its steering wheel. There will no left lever as the cruise control anymore. Instead, the control moved to the steering wheel like auto motor. C class will take the electronic architecture design as well. It will offer various range of supporting system. One sample that will be brought is the ability for the new consumers to park it through certain application from their own smart phone.

The engines of the new C class will come with modern feature as well. The diesel will use new 2 liters capacity (OM654) supported with 194 HP also the brand new six in a row of 3 liters diesel (OM656) supported with 286 HP. Say good bye to the occurrence of V6 from C 400 as well; six in a row of 3 liters of petrol engine will replace it. Even so, this new design will still maintain the occurrence of 4 liters v8 AMG commencing by the c 63.

As for the cockpit, new model of C-Class will present the digital one. It will adopt the dual TFT layout screen as having by the previous S class as well as the E class. A new coming will also complete the outcome of integrated touch control maximized by classic button for the new steering wheel, somehow is quite the same that we can find on E class. It will also adopt the gesture control system. it used to operate the system of command infotainment. It will come in the form of touchpad at the center of the console, in other words it replaces the existing rotary knob.

2018 Mercedes c class Release Dates

Mercedes is already in the middle on its plan on renewing 2018 Mercedes c class. Wait for the new look of sedan and T Model around the middle of 2018. Be patient as well in waiting the upcoming of coupe and convertible that will follow by the end of 2018.

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